Wednesday, 21 November 2012


Ini merupakan sebahagian gambar yang menunjukkan simbol bagi negara Gaza..Walaupun tidak dapat memberikan sumbangan fizikal dan mental, dengan mempamerkan logo gaza ini menunjukkan bahawa saya turut membantu menyokong hak2 negara Gaza yang sedang hangat diperbicarakan masa kini...Sokonglah GAZA!!



Tuesday, 20 November 2012


Actually I most liked football in my life..This is my favourite team in EPL..this club namely Chelsea..

this is my favourite player in chelsea football club....He has his own specialty and made me interesting on his game....


this is my beloved my beloved mother and my beloved younger sister....

this is my beloved father.. For me, he is the best in the world..He is my role model until I reach myself in my study..

this is my beloved younger brother..We are very closing each other.. He is the best I ever had in my life..


This is the sweet memory that I ever had inn my life. If not mistaken I joined the convo parade for dpp..

This is my friend in UUM.Actually, we are like the siblings and always happy together. Even we have the problems, we will helping each other to settle the problem of our members..

My life In Northern University Of Malaysia (UUM)

After a year in Johore Matriculation College, I continues my studies at UUM. I am taking for Risk Management Course or known as BRMI. ..In university I also involved in many programme especially in the university club...

these are the some picture currently when I in semester 2 and 3 in uum

this is my club namely MARIM STUDENT CHAPTER(MSC).. This club are specially for the student who are taking for the risk management & insurance..

 This is my second club also which is Finance & banking society namely as FABs...I like enjoying this club because it will teach me how to communicate with other person and managing the problems faces by us as university student...


I wan to share something about myself even not to much but we can knowing each other..
This is my old picture...if not my age reach at 5 years old...It looked funny right!!
At this time, I refused to taking the photo because of I want to playing bicycle with my friend..and that's why my face look fiercely at this time.. So this are my family members and I liked them because they are very sporting people that I ever seen in my life.

Actually this is my picture if not mistaken when I in form 5. At this time, I likes to take my own photo because i know it will be a sweet memory enough for me...

after I finished my studied at form 5 in smk paya besar in kuantan.. I continues my study at Johore Matriculation College.. I'm took for the account course in matriculation college.. I likes studied at matriculation college because it is very challenging and we did not have much time and teach me to appreciate my time well..

 this are the my beloved friend in matriculation college and my ex classmate in matriculation...We are like the sibling and always together in anytime..this is what we call "A TRUE FRIEND"

this are the some pictures with my ex classmate in matriculation college